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Tsuganashi Aiba
相羽 十 (Aiba Tsuganashi)
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Affiliation Info
Occupation Magician
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voice Actor

Tsuganashi Aiba is a member of the Wizard Brace and the brother of Mui Aiba. Shortly before the start of the series he had his memories modified and worked as a member of Ghost Trailer until the modified memories were erased. He is voice by Toshiyuki Morikawa (un-confirmed).

Appearance Edit


Tsuganashi Aiba appears to be a cold and careless person, as evident when attacking Mui, completely disregarding ever being related to her due to the memory loss. He's quick to attack, and doesn't seem to care about his victims. However, he is shown to have somewhat of a heart and untrue to his real emotions as evident in the ice castle, when Mui mentions how much she's missed him, but he's unable to accept these feelings and was quick in an attempt to finish her off. He was also revealed to have been more gentle in the past.

After having his memories return, he became a more gentle person who cares deeply for Mui. He is also protective of his little sister as he became enraged when the Witch of Camelot said Takeshi was Mui's boyfriend.


He's the first child, and first son, of the Aiba family, and like his parents born a magician, making him a pureblooded wizard. A few years after him his younger sister, Mui, was born. The two were always close growing up, like practicing magic together, along with Mui giving him a white glove that became his Aspect. At some point, in an unknown order, one or both of his parents died. He started carrying around a sword of his father's he named Lancelot, and joined Wizard Brace. In more recent times he was captured and brainwashed, and in pursuit of her ended up causing Mui to meeting Takeshi, and beginning the series of events that is the series.


He was first seen with Hotaru KumagaiTakao Oigami and Ushiwaka. He was formerly a member of Wizard Brace, the community which viewed the Ghost Trailer as the greatest enemy, so is detested as a traitor amongst them.

However, later he was used as a hostage exchange for both Hotaru Kumagai and Takao Oigami but his previous memories had still not returned as yet, so he fought Takeshi NanaseMui Aiba and Kazumi Ida once against, but this time they fought him prepared as Mui would later shoot him with a special bullet that seals magic, thus canceling the previous mind rewritten spell and in-turn making him the old Tsuganashi once again.


Ancestral Magic: Destructive MagicEdit

Evil Ice : The ability to allow him to manipulate ice and freeze objects. It also can be use to create objects made of ice

  • Wire Blizzard: This spell creates pillars of ice that are shot out at the enemy.
  • Icy Castle: This creates a barrier of ice is formed around the target and traps them inside it, causing them to suffocate to death
  • Invisible Disc: This creates a disc shaped ice are created and thrown.
  • Big Hail: This creates a constant barrage of large ice particles that are shot out at the enemy.
  • Diamond Seeder: produces ice spikes from the ground
  • Stub Robin: fires a volley of ice shards
  • ice chain(unnamed) : This creates a chain that can be grabbed onto other things.
  • Death Cube : freezes his opponent to death.


  • Drive: increases speed and attack power


Glove: A simple left handed white glove given to him by his sister. 

Lancelot: Though not his Aspect, Tsuganashi also carries a saber he named Lancelot that he has shown channeling his magic through. It's a memento of his late father.


Mui Aiba: Younger sister.



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