Kippei Washizu
鷲津 吉平 (Washizu Kippei)
Washizu Kippei
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Race Human
Hair Color Silver
Affiliation Info
Occupation Magician
Voice Actor

Kippei Washizu a high ranking member of Ghost Trailer, second only to Kazuma who is also a close friend. 



Washizu usually acts kind of childish, but is still a good leader along with a powerful and sadistic fighter.



He first appeared in the car after Violet killed some members of Wizard Brace simply because they saw her face. He then appeared again retrieving Tsuganashi Aiba's unconscious body after he fought with Takeshi Nanase when he had came to rescue Mui Aiba.


Expert Swordsmanship: Washizu was shown to be skilled with a sword

Ancestral Magic: Destruction MagicEdit

Dissolution: By aiming at a target with his eyes, and saying 'Start up Dissolution' he starts dissolving the target. His magic is not instantaneous and will only finish dissolving everything after a certain amount of time, the number after he says 'Count' is the number of minutes it takes to dissolve his target.



Shijou Momoka: her younger mate that is genious that defence the Subaru Magic Academy



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