Episode 2 will air on January 17, 2014 (Japanese) and February 8, 2014 (English) .


The four find themselves observing a dilapidated disaster which is known as The Ruined World, after being transported there. Mui Aiba informs them that it's a place where time has been distorted, and is but both isn't Tokyo. In the academy, Kurumi Isoshima and Mui Aiba get their wounds treated from the Hornets, from Nanami Hyoudou who has healing magic which shortens the amount of time something takes to heal. They are then brought to Momoka Shijou's office, and tells them that the three Ghost Trailers who attacked them had been taken into custody. 

Ancestral Magic Newcomer Class:

Subaru Academy's First Year, Class C, also known as, "Class of Hell" or fallen to Hell.